Social media and blogging have made it possible for anyone who has a few ideas or information they would like to share to do so. For many, their blogs and social media pages have become a new and invaluable way of promoting their businesses. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become an extension of their own websites which like their main sites need to be promoted whenever possible. If this applies to you, you may want to consider promoting your website, blog or extension sites with promotional pens. Following is a list of three easy ways to do so.
Write Articles and offer a free pen to the reader: If you have something interesting to share with the world, write a few articles and submit them to a quality article submission site like EzineArticles. Then, in the resource box section entice readers to visit your website or blog and register by offering them more information and a free promotional pen. Everyone loves free stuff especially when they are as useful as promotional pens are. You will know that your readers have an interest in your products and/or service. They would not have been reading your article in the first place if they did not. Sending promotional pens to such a targeted audience offers you a chance to ensure they get to know you and it gives them another way to remember your company and services each time they use the gift pen you send them.
Send Pens To Your Customers Promoting Your Website, Blog or Social Media Page: If you already have a list of customer that you send regular information to, why not send them promotional pens along with it. Many of your key customers may already know your website very well. If this is the case, print the pens with your Twitter or blog site and encourage them to engage in regular dialogue with you.
Give Pens Away At Exhibitions & Conferences: Unlike the above mentioned pen promotions, this one requires face to face contact. People who visit your exhibitions stand or conference may know very little about who you are and what you do. You will want to get as much information on your promotion pen giveaways as possible including your logo, company name and web address. Obviously, if the print area allows, you should also include your blog or social media page.


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