Sony’s latest PS4 firmware update is currently available and remarkably, it actually does something important.

You see, the running joke every month is that Sony will generally release a brand-new PS4 and PS4 Pro Update that does nothing more that’improve system functionality’.

But today, a new upgrade for the console has been published, v6.50, a PS4 Update that’s Sony quite lately sent out beta invites for to examine new features.

In the time it did not look like it had been for anything that important, but the update has been published this morning with a few surprising new additions.

Mostly it adds Remote Play for iOS apparatus, but there are a few more tweaks.

If you don’t know (or recall) Remote Play basically allows you to use your mobile device as a screen to flow your PS4 directly to your smartphone through a wifi network.

For those interested, you can grab the Remote Play app HERE (Android) or HERE (iOS)

You’ll also find the full changelog just below.

Now you can enjoy Remote Play on iOS devices. You are able to use (PS4 Remote Play) to connect your own PS4 system from devices such as tablets and smartphones. Download (PS4 Remote Play) in the App Store.

Other Features

Now you can select 720p once you broadcast with Niconico Live. This service is available only in certain nations and areas.

Now you can alter the button mission to execute”Enter” operations from the Circle button into the X button. Select (Settings) > [System], and then select the checkbox to [Utilize X Button for Input ]. This choice is available just for certain nations and areas.

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If there are any additional secret adjustments to the console, we envision we’ll learn soon enough as players download the upgrade and start rooting around to find out what is changed.

As always, PlayStation advises players to”always update your PS4 platform to the most recent version of the program software,” which they explain will allow you to”enjoy additional features, improved usability and improved security.”

For people who don’t remember, the last big update to the console was the 6.0 upgrade and whilst it uncharacteristically did not include any sweeping changes or new features, we suspect it might have been laying lots of the groundwork for its consoles PSN Name Change feature.

And if you want some more information on how that will work, continue reading. Otherwise, stay tuned for updates as gamers take a look under the hood to find out if there are any new features in this 6.50 firmware update.

Sony will be working a comparable set up to Microsoft, where you can change your name once for free and anything after that will incur a charge. The changes will cost $9.99 USD/CAD for non-PS+ associates.

For PlayStation Plus associates, it will cost $4.99 USD/CAD a switch – or your regional equivalent.


“This attribute works with PS4 games initially published after April 1, 2018, and also a large majority of the most-played PS4 games which were released before this season,” writes Sony in the PSBlog.

“However, please note not all applications and games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems are sure to support the online ID shift, and users may sometimes encounter issues or errors in certain games.

“If for any reason you experience issues after changing your ID, it is possible to revert back to your initial ID for free anytime (you will only have the ability to revert once through the preview program). Reverting back to an old ID will resolve most problems caused by the ID change.”


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