PUBG Corp Earned Almost $1 Billion in 2018: Report

This translated into a whopping profit of $310 million (roughly Rs. 2,143 crores) in a single year for PUBG Corp.. It’s no surprise that a great majority of this revenue comes via PUBG for PC. That is because PC is where PUBG was first released and the fact that the mobile version of the game is manufactured by Tencent Games rather than PUBG Corp.. PUBG is a battle royale game in which up to 100 players are paradropped on to a island and the last person or group standing wins.

PUBG Corp’s earnings figures come via VG247, which spotted the numbers on Naver Sports. The report says that PUBG for PC earned the programmer $790 million (roughly Rs. 5,463 crores) at 2019. Revenues from the games and mobile versions of this game were comparable — $60 million (approximately Rs. 414 crores) and $65 million (roughly Rs. 450 crores) respectively.

It is essential to be aware that PUBG Mobile is developed by Tencent Games, which the company is very likely to be earning the majority of the cash from the sport. PUBG Corp is in most likelihood receiving annual licensing fees or a share of the earnings out of Tencent Games.

The report says that PUBG is most popular in Asia as the region earned 53 percent of the match’s earnings. North America, rest of the world, and Europe would be another big contributors to PUBG Corp’s earnings.


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