Your Old Electronics

Your Old Electronics

The best way to do minimal damage the environment is to reuse everything we use. It is especially important to do so when it comes to our electronics because of the high amount of toxins contained in them. In this article i am going to list some of the ways we can reuse our old electronic equipment.

*now that most people have to switch to digital television, what is happening to the old analog t.vs? I hope not simply tossed out. Television contains a lot of lead in its crt. So we want to keep it out of the landfills as much as possible. We can re-purpose it and use it as dvd player or to play video games with.

*we can give our old cell phones to a battered women’s shelter or a senior centre and kill two birds with one stone. That is help people in need and at the same time prevent environmental damage.

*old desk tops can be re-purposed into a media centre, news or weather centre, or a multimedia centre.

*laptops can be made into all of the above but what is becoming popular among computer geeks is converting it into digital picture frame. But it is a bit complex and you need be knowledgeable about the inner workings of a computer.

*if the computer is too old or damaged and just doesn’t work, its parts can be used to repair other computers or to build a new computer.

These are just a few ideas. There are many more things you can do with unwanted electronic equipment that is just sitting around in your basement.


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