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Keys are probably one of your most treasured possessions. Whether they open your cars, unlock your homes ,or enable access to your business premises, you would simply be lost without them. Yet have you considered what you would do if you did lose your keys? Would the finder be able to identify you as the owner and would you be able to safely recover your lost keys?
If you use the correct kind of secure key tag then there is no reason why you should not be able to recover your keys. After all, around 76% of people who find a lost item attempt to return it and if you can make their job easier by using a secure ID tag, which instead of giving out your contact details prompts the finder to visit the stated website and register the item as missing, then they are even more likely to return it.
There are basically two ways of tagging your keys – firstly by attaching a label tag directly to the key fob that you already have attached to your keys or secondly, by purchasing a lock-it tag which firmly locks onto your keys. Lock-it tags cannot then be removed from your keys without the use of wire cutters. Tags can be attached to a single key or several keys but remember that you cannot add keys to the tag once you have locked it.
There are many key tags available from online retailers, but you are advised to only purchase those that promote the safe recovery of lost keys. Lock-it ID tags are individually numbered for identification purposes. The finder simply visits the website stated on the key tag where they are prompted to complete a short form giving details of the reference number on the tag, where and when it was found and their contact details so the owner can get in touch to arrange collection of their lost keys.
The entire process takes a matter of minutes. ID key tags are quick and simple to use and provide a cost-effective way of safeguarding your property and ensuring that if you become separated from your belongings they can be returned to you safely. ID tags are not simply for your keys, you can also use them to tag suitcases, bags, mobile phones and laptops.
So, next time you drive off in search of pastures new or lock the front door ready to go on holiday, consider the ramifications of losing your keys and make sure you do all you can to ensure they are securely identifiable so that if they become lost keys they can be easily recovered.

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