Teachers are the core of every education system. Regardless of how smart students are, if they do not have good teachers their efforts will go to waste. If teachers do not care about their students, they cannot influence them out of class. They will not be able to instill character qualities like discipline in the lives of their students. If teachers do not understand their student’s background, they cannot know how to handle them in class. Students are as different as their names are.

Unlike public charter school, traditional school teacher only interact with students while in class. However, for the love of their students and their job, teachers often go an extra mile to understand their students. Some take the initiative to talk to students who seem troubled during breaks while others forge friendships with students they feel need their guidance. In some special cases, teachers have had to pay students a visit at home just to understand the cause of a student’s behavior. This has helped them impact the lives of many students both in and out of class.

Knowing the importance of teachers in an education system, Rocketship Education empowers teachers. The goal of public charter school is to give quality education to students coming from low income backgrounds. Their education system borrows from the traditional educational system- the classroom setting, and the personalized model- each student has a personalized curriculum. The personal model is teacher- led. Apart from teaching in class, the teacher has to make home visits to each of his or her students. This helps him or her to understand the students better. Knowing the environment the students come from a home helps the teacher customize the student’s lessons appropriately.

The home visits also help forge a deeper bond between the teacher and the student. They give room for a friendly environment, ease the tension while teaching and also give the student a better understanding while they receive one on one coaching. These visits allow both teacher and student to interact outside class, and still maintain a subtle relationship. This not only makes communication easier but also allows learning to take place outside the class. It also helps the teacher understand how his or her students think. Making home visits a key part of their education system has enabled Rocketship Education to help students who started their education late to catch up with their peers.

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