Cell phones play a very important role in this extremely fast paced age and the expenses tied to the use of such gadget is also a great concern. For the most part, cell phone users have been fine with post paid plans in which they would pay their bill on a monthly basis. While this might seem very convenient and sensible, it can also be very expensive and therefore financially derogatory especially in considering the prevailing economic climate.

Cell Phone Plans

An alternative that has made quite a stir in mobile phone users comes in the form of pay as you go cell phone plans. These plans are otherwise known as the prepaid alternative because instead of paying a bill monthly, you will have to purchase a card value depending on what you can afford at the time.

A lot of people are raring to switch to this type of phone plan because it is considered more budget friendly. With traditional plans, you can only choose one particular plan to which you will be stuck with for a minimum of 2 years.

With pay as you go cell phone plans, you can choose to consume very limited minutes as per the denomination of the card you purchase. In addition, your calls and SMS credits can accumulate as long as you have not used them within a period of 90 days unlike the free minutes for postpaid which refreshes every billing cycle.

The only drawback with prepaid plans, if you can actually call it that, is the fact that there are very limited perks that you can expect. Postpaid mobile plans usually allocate free minutes to every subscriber which can be used at will.

Ultimately, pay as you go cell phone plans are for those who are looking to save a lot of money on phone bills. Many who have made the switch are very happy with their decision and are not planning to revert to postpaid any time soon.


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