Some people say that links from social media sites have no bearing on search rankings because of the greater tendencies that these links are spam. This is the reason that most social sites are “no follow”, and it is the best way to do it, in order that your site will not be suspended.
But people linking to your site can tell the search engines that you are credible and can even make you an authority site if you have lots of these links. If other popular and authority websites link to your video blogs, then you can also be established as an authority and will even gain credibility and reputation.
Video blogging is getting very popular nowadays, and you can see lots of these on the video sharing sites, talking about just anything under the sun. If you go to YouTube you will see that there are lots of videos that are very popular and receive thousands of “hits”.
Creating a video blog can be done simply and easily. You just have to acquire some things, and when you go with a video blog of yourself, just do the following:
You don’t have to possess a high quality web camera to be effective in your video blogging effort. A simple and budget web camera can do the job for you and can even make you have to strive to get a quality image though, and acquire a better quality microphone for good audio results. This can make your viewers have a good understanding of what you are yourself well groomed and clean. You can project yourself more properly in this situation and viewers can start talking about what you have done (if they are interested) and then things can go viral.
For your online video marketing and promotion efforts you have to do the things herein enumerated. These things can make you attain high placements in search rankings in the search engines.
For your video blogging efforts, make it on YouTube for more obvious reasons, YouTube being the most popular video sharing site getting links from these will establish more your online presence.Since your goal is to drive traffic, the efficacy of YouTube videos is more reason for you to be on these. You will not regret it if you are into YouTube.
You have to promote your videos on YouTube also on the search engines. By doing SEO like blogging and forums, you can market your videos.

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