Grooming And Living Conditions Of Shih Tzu

Grooming And Living Conditions Of Shih Tzu

Health issues: As a breed these dogs are generally healthy, with a lifespan of approx.15 years and sometimes more. They are, however, prone to spinal diseases, and stifle problems, caused by the length of their back in comparison to the shortness in their legs. They can be prone also to eye problems, infections of the ear, and premature loss of teeth. Care must be taken with their feeding as these dogs gain weight very easily, overfeeding can be very bad for them.

Grooming: A good daily brush, using a firm bristled brush or comb, is often adequate. The Shih Tzu dogs are of a long-haired breed, but some owners like to have their hair trimmed shorter to make it more manageable. However, if you are showing your dog, trimming is probably best carried out at a salon, unless you are skilled and experienced enough to do this yourself. If you are not showing your pet, but have decided to keep the hair long, then the brushing process will take longer, and you may need to trim some of the hair yourself, or you may also take the dog to the salon as a special treat.

Living conditions: As a dog, that is reasonably active indoors the Shih Tzu can survive without a yard, and enjoy a good play, which will burn off some of their excess energy. Walking is still very important though, as dogs enjoy going outside to see different things. As long as their exercise requirements are met, the breed is well suited to apartment life.


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