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Mugs have always been a very popular choice for practical gifts as well as souvenirs so it is not surprising that travel coffee mugs has become pretty abundant especially in souvenir shops and gift shops all over the world. Aside from its utilitarian purpose, such kinds of coffee mugs are also a very nice thing to collect especially if you are a big travel buff.
While it will definitely take you quite some time to be able to visit all the different places that you are dreaming about, you can already start shopping for cute coffee mugs that you can add to your collection. Gift shops, home ware stores and antique shops usually carry a lot of interesting coffee mugs that you might find interesting enough to add to your collection. For more rare finds, antique shops and flea markets are certainly the way to go. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to score some nice cute things for cheap at the flea market. However, when you’re out shopping though, do make sure that you set your priorities straight so that you don’t stray and end up picking up all sorts of things and trinkets that you do not really need nor would really match anything in your home. Another thing that you should be careful with when you’re out shopping for home wares like mugs in flea markets is the actual state of the items. Do not settle for chipped or broken wares as these will just end up as junk in your house.
However, if you are not able to find something good in the stores then you can also check out online shops. There are loads of online sellers that carry travel coffee mugs and other interesting travel curios. Just like with normal shops, prices at online stores do vary so don’t get discouraged when you stumble upon something that you like but might be a tad too pricey for your budget. You can also try checking out online auction sites in case there are some interesting finds that are worth buying.
And if you still don’t find something that you really like then why not try designing your very own travel coffee mugs? You can always get one of those plain coffee mugs that can be painted on. While you can get those plain coffee mugs, there are also available kits that are perfect for those who are not really sure about how to get started on this kind of project. These kits usually come with the plain mugs, stencils, paints, and brushes needed to complete the whole this whole DIY project. Another thing that you can try is have your favorite travel photos printed on the coffee mugs that you are designing. This gives it a more personal touch especially if you are planning to give these away as gifts to your friends and loved ones. Aside from your favorite travel photos you can also try looking for nice pictures of your dream travel destinations, and maybe those will be able to actually inspire you to get started on planning for your next trip.


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