A lot of people are switching to basic, simple raw food simply because they are realizing that cooking food often kills the goodness that we need to be at optimum health. People who opt for raw food know that food is not the enemy and is the most natural form of illness prevention.

Simple Food

One might think that the simplified diet of a raw foodist is limited but in fact once you get started you will find that it is not and the health and feel-good benefits are a great additional win.

Looking at alternative ways of providing meals becomes the norm, for example making use of a dehydrator will allow for hot meals without all the goodness cooked out of it.

Using blenders to mix up wonderful soups and fruit smoothies. For ready to eat convenience many stores now sell ready washed and cut up raw vegetables and attractive fruit mix bowls to buy. Plus of course it is a simple thing to get into a routine of buying your fruits and preparing and storing them overnight for your convenience the next day.

At the time of writing organic food was taking a tumble in terms of the number of people buying it. It is understandable as it is right in the middle of a recession and people are looking for the cheapest of everything. It is interesting to note that Christmas spending at the time of writing was as ‘healthy’ as ever.

The answer to falling figures may lie in what people deem to be most important where their families are concerned. People who are determined to teach their children about the value of things are likely to continue to go for organic options or maybe even a smattering of non organic options of raw food if they have the money rather than go for overspend on christmas toys and goodies. That is if indeed the lack of money is the reason for the drop in sales. It is a matter of people deciding what is their priority.


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