WordPress offers excellent plugins that can help you enhance your blog functionality and reach wider audience using social media sharing and search engine optimization tools. The following are what we believe the 3 must-have WordPress plugins. Enjoy!
1. Disqus
Pronounced “discuss”, disqus is an interactive commenting plugin that makes your blog comments “indexable”. Here are some of its great features.
Connecting your comments with a large discussion community

Enabling threaded comments and replies

Offering email Notifications/replies

Supporting RSS and Subscription options

Allowing comments aggregation

Spam filtering, whitelists and blacklists

Supporting widgets for the Disqus community

Excellent administrative and moderation tools
2. Google Sitemaps Generator:
This SEO friendly plugin generates a special XML sitemap that will help your blog indexing by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and . This sitemap will make it much easier for crawlers to find the complete structure of your bog. This plugin is compatible with all kinds of WordPress pages and custom URLs. Above all, the Google sitemap generator plugin will notify major search engines whenever you create a post.
3. Akismet:
The Akismet plugin is responsible for checking your blog comments against the Akismet web service in order to determine if they are spam or not. In addition, it allows you to review the spam it finds in your admin area under your blog comments.
As you see, these WordPress plugins will allow you to further enhance your blog functionality and create effective online presence. It is a good idea browse through the available plugins so you can leverage the ones that best suit your unique needs. To your success!


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