I dislike trusting my data with devices that utilise so many moving parts. They are easily damaged and have an extremely limited shelf life if used heavily. I notice that any mechanical storage device I have does not last long and with the exception of the power supply it is normally the first thing to eventually die.

Solid State Storage Devices

Solid state storage is not exactly a new technological trend – however for the sake of the everyday consumer it is now accessible. Solid state storage offers many advantages over traditional storage options such as speed and reliability. Because they are a solid device with a minimum of moving parts (most of the time none) they are less likely to suffer mechanical fault and are not reliant on the speed of the mechanical parts in order to transfer data.

Solid state storage relies on saving a charge that depicts the data. The charge can come from electricity or liquid crystal. Solid state storage devices can use the same interface as a regular hard drive and are normally a little more costly than a regular hard drive. This cost is quickly becoming cheaper however and it is assumed that eventually they will take over the market as the only hard drives available. They are generally not as ample in space as a regular hard drive, but you should be backing up your data regularly and really shouldn’t require a massive amount of storage for important files.

Currently, there are not many companies offering solid state hard drives. They are not hard to find however. The warranty that you get on a solid state storage device is likely to be longer than that of a regular mechanical storage device because they are much more reliable than a regular storage device. Ensure you purchase your solid state hard drive from a trusted source.


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