The thing about DSLR cameras is that though they take excellent pictures, they are rather bulky and cumbersome to use. Fortunately, there is a compact camera that has all of the features of a DSLR, including the interchangeable lenses, but at just half the size. It may sound too good to be true, but that is what the Sony NEX-7 is really all about.

Sony NEX 7 Review

In this Sony NEX 7 review, you will know more about the fascinating features of this compact camera, and why other DSLR cameras are cringing in their boots. Features of this Sony Compact System Camera: – DSLR-class 24MP CMOS sensor. It has the same kind of image sensor that was only once found in high-class DSLR cameras; in fact, most DSLRs do not even have it. – Its Tri Navi manual controls give the Sony NEX 7 the functionality that even professional photographers are looking for. – Object tracking auto focus. It can lock on to a subject, and continue focusing on it even if it moves around. – The lack of a mirror box, allows the Sony NEX 7 to be half the size and weight of a conventional DSLR.

Pros As you can see from the features, the NEX 7 has a lot of benefits, and here are some of them: – Interchangeable lenses make the NEX 7 a worthy replacement for a DSLR camera. – When you hold it in your hands, the camera really feels like it is solidly-built. – The high-resolution 24MP CMOS image sensor of the NEX 7 rivals even that of most high-end DSLR cameras. – It can shoot full HD movies, with the special addition of having manual controls. – And just like DSLR cameras, this Sony Compact System Camera has lots of settings that can be tweaked to get impressive shots.

Cons In this part of the Sony NEX 7 review, you will find that it is not really perfect, far from it actually: – The menu system seems very disorganize, you need to take some time studying it before you can navigate through it properly. – Though you can tweak the settings as much as you want, you cannot save whatever customization you made; you have to do them all over again once you turn off the camera.

Should You Get It? As you can see from this Sony NEX 7 review, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. This makes the NEX 7 a very worthwhile investment, especially for novice photographers.


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