Specific groups of people are entitled to special discounts on plane tickets. These are separate provisions offered by airlines on the basis of age, occupational status, or special conditions. Mentioned below are the different groups that can benefit from these privileges.

Special Discount Plane Tickets

Senior citizens fall under the largest group of people who are entitled to special discounted flight tickets. Since the group is significantly large, airlines usually have a limited number of discounted seats reserved for senior citizens. So, you have to plan your trip and book your flight well in advance to get the discount.

Clergymen – Generally, airlines have special reduced fares for clergymen. Clergymen are entitled to direct discounts from airlines. If you are a clergyman, you can inform the airline regarding your occupation and ask for a discount on airfare. However, you need to show your Clergy Identification Card as proof of your identity. So, do not try to pretend that you are a clergyman if you are not.

Military personnel are another group that can avail the benefit of special airfare discount. If you work for the military and traveling for military duty, then you should inform the airline regarding the purpose of your travel. The airline may offer considerable discounts that can go up to 50% in some cases.

Students aged between 12 and 22 are eligible to certain benefit to fly with reduced airfare. Some sites offer the facility to search and compare flights on different airlines. If you are a student, you can select the flight that suits your budget. However, it is important to note that discounted flights are not available on all airlines. Hence, it is advisable to be flexible with options and inquire with the airline helpdesk for available student discount offers.

Teachers and other faculty members can also inquire about special discount seats reserved by airlines. The discount is similar to that of the cheap tickets acquired by students. All you need to do is check if the airline offers the discount for your selected route.

Traveling as a family or a large group also presents good opportunities to get discounts on the collective cost of plane tickets. If you are booking return flights for your family, then you can inquire for further discounts. Family discounts require at least a husband and wife to travel together. If the number of family members if more, then there is a possibility of getting greater discounts.

To summarize, you need to inquire about special discounts on flights if you belong to certain sections of society or pursue specific occupations. Simply call the airline and ask if you are eligible for discounted airfare. Sometimes, such information is not displayed anywhere or even posted on any website. Airlines may limit the visibility of information to fuel greater business. However, if you have a genuine enquiry, then the airline will give you specific information based on your query. Hence, you need to be smart and also be alert of your privileges.


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