Over time all computers start operating slowly if they are not maintained. You do not have to be an expert to do this and you do not have to send your PC or laptop to a computer engineer to speed up a slow computer.

How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

There are a number of things that can slow your machine down including your software and the way your machine is configured but the biggest problem for windows based machines is caused simply by using the system. There are ways of dealing with this problem.

#1 Ensure that you have enough RAM or memory for the system you are using. For example, some old machines may not have enough RAM for Vista, so they may struggle to cope.

#2 Run a good anti virus software so that you do not pick up viruses or trojans. If you have a virus in your machine you will notice that it behaves oddly, may freeze often and crashes.

#3 Remove software that you do not use and do not set software to start automatically unless you really need it to, this is will just eat up memory. Doing this is an easy way to speed up a slow computer.

#4 Clean your registry. Windows cannot find what it needs after a while and so it runs slowly while it searches for what it needs. A good registry cleaner utility will fix any errors and boost performance. Make sure you use one that allows regular updates so it can catch any errors, corruption or malicious software in the registry.

Doing all the things listed above on a regular basis will ensure that your computer always runs as fast as it did when it was new. These steps are easy to follow and once you have gone through them a few times you will find them very easy to do. Run a free registry scan on your computer, or laptop now and you will immediately be able to see how many problems there really are lurking in your windows registry.

Once you have found all these errors you can clear them out in no time. Once you have got rid of them and anything such as spyware, malware or worse your computer will run faster and you will no longer experience freezing, pausing, crashing and strange error messages on your computer and will not have to look for a way to speed up a slow computer.


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