Before we go to fix rundll32 message, it is best to know what it is and what it does to a computer. A rundll32 is an executable file that allows your dll files to run and set things straight with your computer. Without rundll32 your computer will have poor performance. The rundll32 should be found in your computer’s drive “C” and under the folder “Windows” and will appear as “System 32”.

Steps to Fix Rundll32

If it appears anywhere else but here then be forewarned that it might be a virus such as Trojan horse virus. Immediately you should run your updated virus scan to prevent the virus from damaging your computer.

To receive a Rundll32 message while using your computer can cause frustration and irritation especially when your computer is your main source of income. A rundll32 message oftentimes occurs when your computer is not getting the routine maintenance it deserves.

Additionally, a computer that has been used for many long years and files have accumulated to a degree where the computer cannot anymore work that well. However, there are still many other reasons aside from the two mentioned that will cause a rundll32 message and steps to fix rundll32 are presented as follows.

Rundll32 error message almost always occurs when you have been downloading several software into your computer and the downloading causes many corrupted files to be stored into your computer’s registry. Actually, this always happens when you download files or programs into your computer.

Consequently, on the next start up the computer cannot load correctly the programs because of corrupted files. Hence, you will receive a rundll32 message. So when this happens and registry is what is affected the thing to do to fix rundll32 is to call an expert to repair the damage and see to it files can still be used.

On the other hand, it is not only downloading software that can damage the computer’s registry but the process of uninstalling a program that will not be used anymore can cause a rundll32 message to appear. To fix rundll32 caused by un-installation mistakes, always make sure to follow the instructions on how to uninstall a program not needed anymore to be sure that no rundll32 message will appear in future.

Lastly, another way to fix rundll32 message is to defragment your computer routinely every once in a while. Fragmented or corrupted files should be deleted. This can be done by you yourself or an expert whatever you prefer.

Just a word of caution, just be careful when dealing with your computer’s registry. Take care in deleting corrupted files and programs so that you won’t be unintentionally deleting the registry itself that can create a bigger problem than just a rundll32 message.


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