When you start blogging and you make the decision that you want people to actually visit the blog and to read your content, the most difficult part of that expectation is how do you reach people and drive them into your blog. Surely, that is the whole point of writing your thoughts down in the first place?
As I am writing an article for it is obvious that this is one way of achieving that goal. Another excellent way of syndicating your content is to join a group of people who also have the same plan and to work on a quid pro quo basis.
I have had a great deal of success getting my content viewed and shared by joining a number of tribes. The process is very simple. I join the tribe and I share the content of the other tribe members and then they reciprocate and share mine.
There are a huge number of places to put your content and the chances of you being able to, or even having the time to interact with all of these outlets is virtually non-existent.
The advantage of joining a tribe is that if there are 100 people in the tribe and they all interact with only ten different sites you have 1000 immediate outlets for your content.
The more content you share from other people, the greater the chance that your own content will be shared by others. That means, that like most other aspects of life, the more you put in, the more you get out.
The simple process of joining a tribe will allow your content to be shared by more people. Your blog statistics will then tell you where the visitors viewing your site are coming from and that allows you to know where to put your content in future.
Look for tribes that share your niche and connect with the tribe members to find out where they get their best results. Synergy is a wonderful thing. The more we all work together the greater will be our collective results.
You can join many tribes for free in the first instance and once you become familiar with how the system works you have an option to upgrade your membership. In simple terms, that allows you to syndicate more content in fewer mouse clicks.
At the top end of the tribe hierarchy, you could eventually move on to setting up your own tribe and opening the membership of that tribe up to people who work specifically within your own field.
I invite you to visit my website and take a look at the tribes that I am involved with. You are more than welcome to join us and work with us and if I can be of any assistance then you know where to find me.

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