Tata Sky Flexi Annual Plan Offers 1 Month Free Additional Subscription: All You Need to Know

The additional month will be equivalent to the package chosen by the subscriber. To enrol for the new Tata Sky Flexi Annual Plan, the contributor will need to ensure a balance of minimum 12 times their current monthly recharge value. The enrolled subscriber could then be eligible to get a bonus credit, equivalent to their monthly charges, which means an extra month of providers for free.

The registered Tata Sky Flexi Annual Strategy subscriber will get this bonus credit in their account at the end of the 12 months tenure. To remain eligible for the bonus amount, the subscriber should make sure adequate balance in the accounts and stay active for 12 months. Subscriber can add, delete, or modify their present pack at any time period in this tenure.

A subscriber automatically gets registered for this plan, if the account balance is equivalent to more than 12 times the current monthly burn rate (MBR or yearly pack charge). This balance should be inserted through Tata Sky website, app or some other Tata Sky authorized recharge channels. Tata Sky notes if at any given point of time during the tenure of this program, a contributor stays de-active for 5 successive days, or 10 cumulative days, then the subscriber will automatically get dropped out of the program with no intimation, without a bonus amount shall be paid into the contributor in the conclusion of the tenure. All the specifics of the newest Tata Sky Flexi Annual Strategy will be detailed on the firm website.

Aside from Tata Sky, even D2h and Dish TV have introduced their own long-term plan offers. D2h is supplying seven days of free additional subscription on its own 3 month program, 15 days of further subscription for its 6 month plan, 30 days of further subscription for its 11 month plan, 60 days of further subscription on its 22 month program, 90 days of further subscription on its 33 months plan, 120 days of further subscription on its own 44 month program, and 150 days of free extra subscription on its massive 55 months program subscription.

Dish TV, on the other hand, is offering seven days of further subscription on a three month subscription program, 15 additional days free on the 6 weeks subscription program and 30 days of free subscription on its 11 month program.


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