A revolutionized form of the traditional wrestling is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, also known as the UFC. Whereas wrestling involves a limited version of competing moves and varying atmosphere, the UFC involves mixing of martial arts. With both live and telecasted events held internationally, the competition involves many combat methods for the audience’s enjoyment. Commonly, the methods are known as cage fighting. The advantage gained from this diversified recreation is that people who have learned various forms of these arts are able to challenge each other and gain experience in many areas.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Started in 1992, the UFC began with the Brazilians. The people, who began the innovative form of athletics, received inspiration after watching videos featuring the Gracie family. This group was filmed fighting various martial arts forms such as karate and kickboxing. The idea was so unique that professionals decided to start something from this foundation on larger levels.

The executives began by surveying general public and finding their interest level in the exploration of combat sports. The public, and surprisingly the professionals, desired to find out if someone with expertise in one fighting area could use that expertise to defeat players with different skills. Those in charge assembled a small team and it all began with a few live events. These live competitions received a lot more attention than expected. The public discovered something new for their entertainment and were not about to let it go unnoticed.

The next step involved broadcasting these fights. Through extensive media coverage, contracts were signed with international cable channels. After it turned into a show, the current name was chosen for the championship. This series attracted famous fighters possessing all types of fighting skills from around the world. Eventually, the simple cage fighting gained the status of an official sport.

The rules followed are known as the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. However, many critics portrayed the UFC in an extremely negative light. Often describing it as barbaric and inhumane, the critics, including some well-known politicians, worked diligently to get a ban enacted on this unconventional activity.

To the critics’ amusement, thirty-six states out of fifty enacted these bans which limited the activity. However, those in charge of the UFC did not get discouraged. They decided to work alongside the government and try coming up with ways of still keeping the public engaged. This led to tightening game rules by placing limitations on certain moves. Some actions were banned altogether and weight and uniform restrictions were also enacted.

Because of this professional compromise, the UFC was respected and its popularity increased substantially. Higher funding was given by corporations which acted as sponsors. Furthermore, magazines, DVD’s and action figures were sold. This also made room for people to gain job opportunities as the company spread its facilities and executive board to the growing need.

One industry responsible for the growing fame of Ultimate Fighting Championship was sports gambling. High bets were made on specific players and the turn outs of individual events broke all records in recent years. The players themselves receive much revenue through these bets. Their personal salaries are determined according to their popularity and number of matches they compete in. Many generous donators also give out bonuses to players.


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