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In today’s fast-paced, technological world, quick and accurate typing is a more important skill than ever. Good typing skills are a prerequisite for many different types of employment, including jobs in the highly desirable digital sector. Top typing software can help you optimize your learning process so that you can leave the old hunt-and-peck behind and touch type like a champ!

What Is Touch Typing?

Touch typing is the ability to find keyboard keys with your fingers without having to look at your fingers. In some ways, it’s a skill not unlike learning how to play the piano.

In order to become proficient at touch typing, you have to access muscle memory. Muscle memory, which is sometimes called motor learning, is a means of duplicating sequences of movements without having to rely upon conscious thought. The most effective way to develop muscle memory is through the repetition of those sequences of movements.

The Advantages of Good Typing Skills

Learning how to touch type can benefit you in a variety of different ways:

• Speed: The average hunt-and-peck typist seldom types faster than 40 words per minute. In contrast, someone who knows how to touch type can easily reach keyboard speeds of 70 to 80 words per minute.

• Accuracy: Typing accurately may be even more important than typing quickly. If you’re a fast typist, but you make a lot of mistakes, you’re going to lose your time advantage when you have to go back over your work to make corrections.

• Time: The faster you type, the more typing work you’ll be able to accomplish.

• Energy: Two-finger typing can be tiring because it requires a high degree of mental focus. Touch typing is much less exhausting than hunting around to find individual keys. Touch typists may also be less prone to developing repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome since they are using muscle memory. All of their fingers are involved in doing the work, and they are not hunched over their keyboards in ergonomically stressful positions.


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