Why Only The Best Blog Software Will Do
Selecting the best blog software is essential for your success. There are lots of programs available, some of them are paid for and others are free. When deciding on the best one to use, your choice should be based on the purpose of your blogging venture.
You may decide that the best blog software for you is one of the free options. This is ok, if you are only developing a personal blog. On the other hand, if your intention is to make money through internet marketing, the free ones are not the best programs to use.
The reason for this is because you do not own the blog. If you do not abide by the terms of these blogging programs, which can be quite strict, especially when it comes to making money, you could end up with your site being deleted. Now there is no way I would want this to happen to you.
So, think long and hard about using the free programs when carrying out your research. You do not want to spend a substantial amount of time and effort building your site only to find somewhere down the line, that it has been deleted for some obscure reason.
It is for this reason, that the best programs to use are the ones that are with your hosting company, with a domain that you own.
This means that you control the future of your blog, with no nasty surprises. You will not wake up one day after spending time, money and energy writing content in order to get website traffic, to find that your site no longer exists. Choosing the software from the outset, prevents any upset. Only you will make the decisions on what happens to your blog, by deciding on its content.
The best software allows you to create, maintain and update your site. You will be able to remove a lot of the basic time consuming jobs of blogging, by automating many of the tasks.
How To Choose
When researching the best program to use, look into what features they have to offer. Look for a blogging platform that utilises plugins. Plugins are essentially software programs that enable you to add certain features, without any technical knowledge, in fact most simply involve the click of your mouse.
The best software will come with literally thousands of plugins to choose from. Plugins can be installed for various different tasks, such as SEO, traffic generation, social marketing widgets etc. the options can be endless.
A bit of advice here though, installing too many plugins on your blog, will slow down its loading time. My advice to you would be to only install the plugins that you require. The vast majority of plugins are free to use.
Is WordPress The Best Option?
The best programs do not have to be expensive. Platforms such as WordPress are essentially free, as the only real expense you will encounter is the cost of purchasing your domain and a hosting account. I like WordPress, due to the simplicity of its user friendly interface, and the ever increasing number of plug ins that are available.


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