Many people today are aware of the rising tide of bad nutrition. They see the endless streaks of fast food joints, the flashing neon advertising the latest madness in fast food excess. We’ve all heard of the triple burger patties wrapped in bacon that are now deep fried and consumed by the dozens by people everywhere. Surprisingly, there has now also been a mad upsurge in obesity rates, diabetes rates and health related deaths.

Good Nutrition

Everywhere people are losing the ability to distinguish between what they should be eating and what they should be avoiding, and are paying with their lives. In this article, here, today, we shall take a good look at the very basics of good nutrition and point you in the direction of healthy eating.

The first thing that you should use to guide yourself in the modern jungle that is the urban supermarket is the principle that states: do not eat it if your grandparents would not have recognized it as food. That principle helps you eliminate a vast array of processed foods that should not be put in your body. If it is a composite of various different chemicals, minerals, preservatives, artificial flavorings and sweeteners, if your grandparents would not have recognized it then you should avoid it.

Instead, go for whole foods. What that means is anything that resembles what it would look like while growing, that has been chopped, processed, tampered with. Vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts, whole grain bread-anything that has not been through a chemist’s lab. You need to eat the freshest, most untouched and natural of whole foods possible. The more vegetables, fruits and such that you eat, the greater the variety and the more varied the colors, the better.

Try to cook less food. If you make an entire roasted chicken for yourself, then it is possible that you might try to eat it all by yourself. Instead, cook smaller portions in your pots and pans, small enough that you will eat the correct amount and not be tempted by steaming heaps of food that are left over.

Finally, attempt to eat regularly and drink plenty of water. Breakfast as you may have heard is crucial and the eating of which will prevent you from binging and eating too much later on. You need to eat every day at the same times, to regulate your appetite and to ensure that you are in taking a constant and steady source of healthy nutrition.


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