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An ancient and beautiful country, Tibet was locked away for centuries to the outside world. This land of snow and rugged mountains and hardy people was always a lure of forbidden treasure and cultures. Now Tibet, while still occasionally a little difficult to gain access to, is open to people all over. To visit Tibet is to see what many have not, and will not in the years to come. Seeing Tibet will take your breath away as you view the massive mountains reaching into the skies, the ancient monasteries where monks still practice and pray, and hike over the alien landscape.
Tibet harbors a special place in the hearts of many travelers. Those who wish to see Tibet may find many things during their trip. From a deeply spiritual experience to adventuring along some of the wildest roads you’ve ever seen. If you can get past the politics brought on by China, as well as the modernism brought into the country, you can experience Tibet as it is truly meant to be; as pure as the air around it, and as ruggedly beautiful as you imagined.
The biggest draws in Tibet are Lhasa and the Himalaya Mountains. Lhasa is the historical home of the Dalai Lamas, and was for centuries. Lhasa beats as Tibet’s heart and soul, where religious pilgrimages and cultural trade still exist even with China’s influence. The huge fortress-like Potala can be seen at a far distance and inspires a sense of awe to all those who view it. Beautiful in colors of white and ochre, it is the Holy City for travelers all over Tibet, and now the world. To the east lies Jokhang, the most sacred of all Tibet’s temples and where you can smell dizzying incense as people pray and worship in hopes of peace and prosperity.
The Himalayas are a source of pilgrimage to another type of person, primarily mountain climbers, who seek to stand at the top of the world on Mount Everest. Bordering Nepal, Everest challenges some of the toughest climbers to scale its peaks, demanding respect at all times, such as through the dangerous Khumbu Ice Fall and through what is known as the Death Zone, where the air is so thin, climbers need oxygen to survive. All around Everest can be seen prayer flags as people pay their respects to the mountain before climbing. It can be a humbling sight.
Whether you seek spiritual release or a place of sheer wonder and amazement, Tibet will offer you both those things and so much more.

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