The Nokia N8 - Enjoying Camera Supremacy

The Nokia N8

Are you looking for a mobile touch screen phone with one of the most powerful cameras in the market today? If you are looking for a phone with this feature, then the Nokia N8 is the phone that you have been searching for. With its camera, you will surely be blown away.

There are so many mobile phones that boast to have the most powerful cameras in the market today. They boast of being able to capture images of the highest quality and record videos in high definition. However, none of the competition will come close to the camera supremacy of the N8.

With the N8 you get a camera far more superior compared to other phones in the market today. You get a 12 MP camera. Not only do you get a powerful digital camera, you get other image enhancements as well that will surely bring image and video quality to a whole new level.

The phone comes with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash, face recognition, autofocus, full screen viewfinder, adjustable aperture, 5.9 mm focal length, 2x digital zoom for images, 3x digital zoom for videos, Geotagging, pinch to zoom capabilities, a photo editor, and a secondary camera for video calls.

When downloading and uploading videos and images come to mind, the Nokia N8 will not disappoint. You will enjoy as much as 10.2 mbps of download speed and as much as 2.0 mbps of upload speed. This simply means that streaming, downloading, and uploading your masterpieces will be extremely fast on a 3G network.

When it comes to storing your high quality captured images and high definition recorded videos, you get more than what the competition has to offer. You get 16 GB of internal memory and as much as 32 GB support for microSD external memory. This simply means that the Nokia N8 was designed to have a lot of room for your images and videos.

When viewing images and videos come to mind, the phone comes with a display that will satisfy your viewing pleasure. You get a 3.5 inch display, with a resolution of 16:9 nHD OLED (640 x 360 pixels). This display can display as much as 16.7 million colors.

When it comes to power management, the phone is well equipped. You can enjoy more than 3 hours of video recording and 6 hours of HD video playback.

With the Nokia N8, you get to enjoy camera supremacy.


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