ROP Education For Adults

ROP  Education For Adults

Today’s high schools focus on being solely a path to college. This is very different from days past. If you look at the Education Code, the purpose of secondary education is to prepare for college or work. I feel the educational system has put too much emphasis on getting into college and have largely underestimated the life enriching experience of work based education.

ROP is especially relevant today because it helps students learn about careers before they make the financial and time commitment of college. It gives them exposure to types of careers they might want down the road, or might not want. College, on the other hand, is an expensive and time consuming way to tryout and reject options.

ROP Courses For Children

ROP programs really help people understand why they are more attracted to particular career paths than others. For example, a student might initially want to be a paediatric nurse. However, is it because they want to work with children or sick children? If they merely want to work with children, being a teacher or daycares provider might be a better option. It’s a positive thing for someone to understand what it means to do a particular line of work, and its okay for them to decide it’s not for them.

Students who complete ROP courses get a certificate showing what skills they’ve mastered. Some programs give them a basic skill set, and they can go on to take a community college course. Other programs work in conjunction with colleges and offer college credit. Many students who begin in a ROP program learn entry level skills that help them make a living while they are attending college. With federal grants for education in short supply, having marketable skills is important.


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