We’ve all been in the situation where you’re in your car and you don’t have something you need. Perhaps you left it at home or in the office, or it’s in your other purse. Below are a few essential items that just about every woman uses often. You should have a few of these items and leave them in the places you are in most, like your car and your office.

Woman Should Have In Her Car

Umbrella: This is one situation that nobody likes to get stuck in. You’re in your car on your way to an important meeting or a date, your hair and make up are done, when suddenly it starts to downpour. Then your heart stops as your realize that you don’t have your umbrella with you. If you make sure to always have a spare umbrella in your trunk, you will be so thankful when it starts raining.

Sunglasses: This is another essential item that can save you from weather disasters. Don’t you just hate it when you’re driving and suddenly the sun is shining directly in your eyes? Sometimes you can squint enough to drive normally, but sometimes it’s actually dangerous! Sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes from harmful UV rays or make you look cool, but they will help when the sun is glaring in your eyes. Keep a pair in your purse and an extra pair in your glove compartment. The one in your car should just remain there for car rides only. Invest in a good quality pair that is polarized for optimum protection. Try wholesale sunglasses for cheaper deals.

Spare change: This always comes in handy. Whether it’s to feed the meter, paying a toll or using a pay phone, spare change is something you should always keep plenty of in your car. Try to have an assortment of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Some cars have special compartments for change. If yours doesn’t, just keep it somewhere close by the driver’s seat where it’s easy to reach.

Cell phone charger: This one is a no brainer. No matter what happens on the road, having your cell phone on you and fully charged keeps you just a phone call away from help.

Snacks: Whether you’re a mom driving car pool or you take long trips back and forth from work, having packaged snacks in your car at all times will keep your hunger at bay when you’re stuck in traffic or had to take a detour. Get snacks that have a long shelf life and are healthy, like protein bars, cereal, pretzels or dried fruit. This will keep you, your kids and anyone else in your car happy until you get to your location.


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