If you have just started your own retail business over the Internet, one of the tools you may find essential is a postage meter. This is because having a postal meter offers a number of benefits for you and your online business. For one thing, it saves you the trouble of having to frequently go to the local Post Office to have the products of your customers shipped. With the use of a meter, all you need to do is to print out the label with the amount of postage paid, paste it on the package and then have these picked up. Another benefit of using a postal is that it would let you know how much you exactly need to pay for the package you are mailing. No need to worry about spending too much on postage stamps for this.
Check Reviews
There are a number of different websites over the Internet that would provide you printer reviews on the various services offered by the postal companies. One of the important information you would need to check is feedbacks in terms on technical support and service. The US Government implemented a ruling that only the companies who lease out the postal have the authority to calibrate and repair your postage meter. This would mean that while you are waiting for this to be fixed, you would need to revert to the old-fashioned way of shipping your products to your customers. Know the average time it takes for the company to send someone over and fix your meter.
Volume of Shipment
Another thing that you would need to take into consideration is the amount of shipment that you would need to make each week. Postage meters are only leased or rented out. They are not sold to those who need it. As such, there are corresponding rental fees you would need to pay regularly. If you do not need to ship a huge volume of packages in a week, you can actually simply go online and print out the postage labels and stamps directly from your computer instead.
Availability of Supplies
When looking into the terms and conditions provided by the postage leaser, carefully look into their terms with regards to providing you with additional printer supplies you will need later on. There are some companies that would provide you with postage meter ink and other materials with no extra cost since it is part of the lease fee you are paying.
Authorization to Lease
To ensure that the postage meter system you will be leasing would provide you accurate postal rates, only lease from those companies recognized by the United States Postal Service. You can check the list by going to their website or checking with your local Post Office.

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