Blogging is used for many purposes that range from branding to generating revenue to educating your target market. In the online world, the more exposure your blog gets, and the better content it has, the more authority it creates in that niche. One can create an income stream from their blog by monetizing the traffic the blog receives due to the authority it has.
The first thing needed to be successful in creating a residual revenue stream from your blog is to get more traffic to your blog. There are many traffic building techniques that can be incorporated into this step such as article marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, Link exchanges, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media sites just to name a few. Once your blog is getting a good amount of traffic, you will then have something to work with in terms of generating revenue with your blog. How much revenue you can generate with your blog depends upon the blogging niche and the type of traffic the site receives. Most blog topics can begin to generate a noticeable amount of income at 12 thousand visitors a month. It may not pay for your mortgage, but it’s enough to make a noticeable difference to your income.
The type of traffic is important as well in determining how much income you can generate with your blog. If your blog receives a lot of traffic from people looking for freebies, you will not generate as much if your blog is set up to take advantage of this type of traffic. You can get newsletter signups with this type of traffic, yet you will have to understand that you will need to be much more creative at converting this target market to buy something in your email follow-ups.
People who are searching for information create more opportunities to generate income. If you want to create revenue with this type of traffic, you become the information authority site and provide them with opportunities to get the quality information that they are looking for. At this point, your blog becomes an information broker, which generates revenue by providing this information either through selling the information, or by selling other’s information for a commission.
The second biggest thing needed to generate revenue with your blog is to have quality content. Some blogs with very poor quality content are generating revenue. These blogs are not designed for the long run. When the search engines go into another algorithm change, these sites will no longer generate the revenue they used to. High quality blogs are always the best long term strategy as others naturally link to these blogs and that means quality traffic. Good content is an inoculation against search engine algorithm changes.
Good content also gives your blog more credibility. When you are promoting a product or service, your opinion will carry more weight, and will have a positive effect on the conversion of your visitors in taking a desired action that will generate revenue for your web site.
Creating revenue with your blog is easier than most people think when they have an understanding of the visitors that come to their blog as well as a strategy in place for generating revenue with the visitors that appear on their blog. Having a means to convert those visitors is the second step and for a blog, it is good content. With these two steps in place, a recipe for success is made.

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