Of course you’d be living under a rock not to know that super low rise jeans are super hot and even men are wearing them. The low rise style went through cycles of popular phases during the 60s, 90s and again in the 2010s. This type of jeans is intended to sit low on or below the hips and it is usually three inches (eight centimetres) lower than the navel. A few good notes when buying super low rise jeans. So here’s all you need to know with these five easy tips.

How to Score Super Low Rise Jeans

Jeans, Rise and your Waist

Double check the hipster jeans match your shape in the waist. This would be the first thing to know as you need to both comfort and fit are very important. Of course that last thing you want is looking awkward in your hot denim so there are few thing to add to your ‘need to know’ shopping list. The mirror is your friend when it comes to checking your sides and back. Try to find a brand that fits your body type. Yes, there is the option of getting them adjusted if the sizing is a little off.

Quality usually is better than quantity

Value quality when going for low rise denim. Since a pair of lesser quality can be racked much quicker than the good quality pair, which doesn’t detract from the equally important style and wash. It is better to shell out a large amount of money investing for a superior quality jean. They could be around for possibly several years. When buying jeans, check them out first. Several things can indicate that the denims are copies. One way to determine quality is by looking at the number of stitches per inch. We’re talking about 10-12 stitches for quality denim. This would indicate it has high quality stitching. This makes for more robust jeans, which makes them less likely to tear at the seams. And lastly does the wash look fake.

How about the Style!

Consider the style when purchasing super low cut jeans. everyone can stand out and express them selves in their unique way. Not all the latest trends suit you. Just a little tip regarding the fit. It can be risky trying to wear clothes that don’t necessarily match your style but don’t be afraid to try and decide for yourself. I never thought I’d say it, but size does NOT matter.

Many shop for jeans that are too rigid because they believe it fits their body type. Turns out that they don’t like the size. Most of my friends are like that, they tend to wear jeans that don’t fit their body type and they suffer from the muffin top. I believe that showcasing jeans that fit draws a better visual than knowing you’ll be suffocating in the smaller size. It is unlikely that someone will look inside your jeans to see what size you wear. Suppose someone were to ask, you’re still better off as you know you’ve worked out the right fit for you. It really is easier than it sounds. You will need to engage yourself a little, however you’ll know exactly what to look for.

And what about the wash!

The wash plays a big role. Brighter tones in the fabric can feature your legs more. Good way to go if you have the right shape for it. Whilst darker washes give you a more slender appearance. Watch out for any areas that can be problematic. If your thighs are a little bigger, distressed jeans may be the best choice. With these tips in hand you’ll be well on your way to buying those flawless super low rise jeans you’ve set your sights on.


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