TRAI Assures No Blackout of Subscribed TV Channels on December 29

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had last year notified operators of a new regulatory framework for Broadcasting Cable services, and prescribed the implementation schedule by July this year.
Amid speculation that there could be a blackout of subscribed channels when the new regulatory framework for broadcasting and cable services comes into effect, TRAI on Wednesday assured consumers that there will be no disturbance of TV services due to the order of execution.

TRAI, in March, 2017, had notified the new regulatory framework for Broadcasting and Cable providers and re-notified it on July 3, 2018, prescribing the implementation schedule. The jurisdiction has discovered that there are messages circulating in the media that there may be a blackout of existing subscribed channels on TV screens after December 29, once the new arrangement comes into effect, the TRAI said in a statement.

“The Authority is seized of this matter and hereby advises that all Broadcasters/DPOs (distribution platform operators)/LCOs (local cable operators), will guarantee that any station that a consumer is watching today isn’t discontinued on December 29,” he said. Hence, there will be no disturbance of TV services due to implementation of this new regulatory framework, TRAI said.

“Keeping in view the interest of their subscribers, and to enable a smooth transition, the Authority is preparing a detailed migration plan for several of the present subscribers. The migration plan will provide ample opportunity to every contributor to making informed choice,” it stated.

This may also enable service providers in carrying out the many actions as stipulated in the new regulatory frame in a time-bound fashion, the TRAI said.

According to the execution schedule, all the service providers were required to finish the preparation for migration into new framework by December 28, 2018.

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