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Vacation time is a special time for family. If you have a dog it can also be perplexing. Some dogs do not do well with boarding kennels and are not used to being alone at home without their family. There are very few places that you cannot take your well behaved family pet. More and more hotels are realizing the importance of pets to families and are allowing them in their facilities. Some require crating, so check before you book.
Traveling to your destination can be an interesting experience for everyone. If you are traveling by automobile, there are some tips that will make the trip less traumatic for you and safer for your dog. Placing your dog in a travel crate is as important as putting on your seatbelt. While they may not have crates at home it is a good idea to crate them in your car. You can easily get them used to the crate by using it at home for a little while. Dogs are den animals and crate training is not difficult with a little persistence and consistency.
There are also harnesses or seat belt devices that will secure your pet. They resemble seatbelts and will keep your pet safer in case of an unfortunate accident. Bigger dogs may take up too much room with a crate that would be comfortable for them, belts will be better for your family. Traveling by plane is another alternative. Larger dogs will travel as freight on most airlines. Asking lots of questions of your booking agent will allay your fears and get you on the right track. Here again you will need a crate that the dog can lay down, stand up and turn around in comfortably. A water bowl that will attach to the side of the crate is also helpful.
If you baby is a tiny toy breed, you may be able to take your dog onto the plane in a carry-on carrier that will fit under the seat and meet airline standards. Pack them up and take them along. Amtrak does not allow dogs at all. It will not be possible for you to take your pet if you are traveling by train. You may however make arrangements to have your dog flown to your destination. This will take a little more planning, but would be worth the effort for your four legged baby.
As you decide on your vacation plans, you can include your dog. This all depends on the relationship between your dog and you on a daily basis. This all depends on training. You probably wouldn’t take a dog that never enters your house and expect them to behave on a plane or in a car. If however, your dog is truly your very own child, pack their fancy clothes, favorite foods and take them along on your family trip. It doesn’t matter if you are backpacking or flying to some exotic locations. Before you plan a trip outside of your home country, you need to be sure that the laws at your destination will allow you to bring your dog into the country. Be sure when you pack for your trip, that you have your dog’s health records with you and that your inoculations are up to date.

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