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Making reservations at a hotel to get your family out into nature is one way to approach a planned weekend away, but reserving Beavers Bend state park cabins is another way that brings you right into the heart of natural surroundings. Each cabin is positioned privately over several acres to allow you the full experience of seclusion and relaxation.

Experience a Weekend In a Real Log Cabin

Give your family an unforgettable vacation experience with an entire weekend in a true log cabin in the woods. The rustic charm seems perfectly suited to the natural environment and allows you the opportunity to completely enjoy the relaxation that only isolation from the hectic world can provide.

Enjoy Modern Amenities

All of the Beavers Bend state park cabins offer modern amenities, wifi access, and contemporary log cabin design. You will feel right at home in your chosen get-away cabin. Accommodation can be reserved to house two to eight people comfortably. You can even choose a pet-friendly cabin and bring your dog or cat along for the family vacation.

Relax In a Secluded, Natural Environment

Not much is more healing than getting out to enjoy the beauty of nature. Beavers Bend state park cabins offer you the elbow room you need to get the privacy you want to completely unwind. It could be the most relaxing vacation you have ever experienced.

Enjoy Fishing, Biking, Hiking, and Scenic Views

You’ll have water access to enjoy fishing or swimming. Take advantage of the biking and hiking amongst the tall trees and fresh breeze. Each day will bring a new adventure in enjoying nature and wildlife. You will never view sunsets and sunrises the same ever again.

Few vacation experiences compare to the ultimate relaxation and communing with nature that is available when renting a log cabin for a weekend. It’s an affordable way to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy the most beautiful views in the area.


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