You’ve spent weeks, months… maybe years writing your blog – now don’t just leave it out there in cyberspace. Turn your hard-earned creative work into a hard copy book…
Imagine having your book turn into a bestseller! Having your own hard copy book, you’ll be recognized as a professional author, and it will become another passive income stream.
With your blog, the writing is done, and it’s just a matter of turning your blog content into a real professional, hard copy book. Get a quality, eye-catching cover, professional interior book design. Upload your manuscript to one of the online booksellers, like , or , and start to promote your book – you can start with an entry on your own blog – get a Press release out there, and maybe an article or three.
You can use the same manuscript, and create an eBook version – you’ll then be able to offer 2 versions, and that way increase your income possibility. When you turn your blog into a book, make sure your manuscript looks as professional as it reads. Naturally, you want to make money with your book, and you want the word to spread on how good it is.
Imagine thumbing through a book you’ve plucked from the shelf at a bookstore. You notice that it lacks a compelling cover design, and when you look inside, all you see is plain text with the title and author’s name. There are no page numbers, no table of contents, no alphabetical index. The margins aren’t consistent, and there is no white space where there should be white space.
What would your perception of that book be? Would you buy it? Maybe you have a bundle of articles – at directories, or on your site – turn them into a book as well. Another possible income stream.
If you want to be taken serious as an author, make sure your book interior is professionally designed. Every prospective reader, whether it’s an eBook or a hard copy book, base their purchase on these visual cues – and it will influence your reader in whether they tell others about your book, or not.
Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing medium. Book design is more than just the structure of the book – cover design, Foreword, index, etc. It’s about turning interesting content into a book that’s a pleasure to read, or use.
Some elements to consider with book design are:

Suitable headlines and sub-headings.

Paragraph and sentence length.

Font selection and size.

Suitable images that support the text (non-fiction).

Language that is easy to read.

Layout that suits the type of book (e.g. children’s book versus business book).

Margins, headers and spacing for total visual appeal.

As Richard Hendel writes in On Book Design, “What the author writes in a book is not all that tells what a book is about. The physical shape of the book, as well as its typography, also defines it. Every choice made by a designer has some effect on the reader. The effect may be radical or subtle, but it is usually outside a reader’s ability to describe.”
If you are serious about being recognized as a professional author, and want your work taken seriously, and especially if you want people to buy, keep, and tell others about your book, then a professional book design could make the difference between success and failure. Can you imagine having your own real hard copy book!?

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