TV tuner cards are electronic components that make a computer monitor function like a television. By installing the TV cards for computer, one can watch all the television programs available on the home television, on the computer screen. Computer offers more options with the television programs such as capturing the images and recording the video.

An Overview Of TV Tuner Cards

TV cards for computers are widely available. These cards have been in popular use for over a decade. It is a card that can be slotted into a specific location on the motherboard of a computer. One will also need to install the driver software and a software application. For the smooth functioning of the card, ideally one will have hardware and software requirements specified in the user manual of the tuner card. Practically, this will not be a big problem as these cards work smoothly on most of the commonly used hardware and software configurations.

External TV Card For Computer

You will need a television program feed either from a cable distribution system or from a terrestrial antenna. The normal cable connection or antenna output one uses for the home television can itself be utilized for this purpose. No special or secondary connection is required. All one has to do is connect the output of the cable network or terrestrial antenna to the input of the TV card for computers.

Internal TV Card For Computer

The software packages one gets along with the TV card normally provide the facility to capture images and record the videos of the television programs. Even if such a facility is not in the supplied software package list, one can easily download free software utilities from the internet. One can find various varieties of TV cards for computers in computer stores. These are basically classified into two groups: cards that can be connected as USB devices and those that can be connected as PCI device.


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