Twitter Bans 'Dehumanising' Posts Toward Religious Groups

Twitter currently prohibits hate speech which targets religious groups using dehumanising speech, a prohibit it states may extend to other classes such as race and sex.

The social media bars hateful language aimed at human religious adherents. Additionally, it prohibits hate speech on the basis of a person’s race, sex and other classes. Tuesday’s change broadens the hatred speech principle to prohibit likening whole religious groups to subhumans or vermin, without targeting a particular individual.

Twitter, together with YouTube and Facebook, has been under fire because of its incidence of harassment and despise its own services. Twitter’s latest upgrade came after users composed in tens of thousands of answers once the firm asked for hints about the best way best to enlarge its hatred speech policies.

“Twitter’s failure to prohibit all forms of dehumanisation instantly casts doubt on the organization’s commitment to completely stopping despise on the stage,” said Rashad Robinson, the president of online racial justice team Shade of Change, at a announcement . “It is no secret that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey along with other Silicon Valley leaders are unwilling to stamp out misinformation and discrimination for fear of a conservative backlash.”

YouTube’s policy additionally prohibits substance that promotes”violence or violence” against groups or individuals based on groups like age, handicap, race, and immigration status amongst others.


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