Visit Kumarakom

Visit Kumarakom

Kumarakom is an enchanting backwater tourist destination in Kerala, India. It is a quaint little hamlet of tiny islands 85 kilometres from Kochi kilometersnal Airport and 12 Kames from Kottayam. It is popularly known as the rice bowl of Kerala. This can be approached through a voyage from Alappuzha. It is an invigorating, fascinating and exhilarating tourist place that is located on the Verbena Lake, well equipped with mangrove forests and coconut groves. Kumarakom is also a centre for houseboat cruises. Kumarakom provides boating, angling and sightseeing experiences that are truly exhilarating.

Kumarakom sightseeing is a unique experience that will beckon you to visit the place time and again. Tourists enjoy the sightseeing on houseboats, speedboats and traditional canoes. The voyage through famous backwaters gives the tourists an invigorating experience of seeing paddy fields, lush green banana plantations, rich coconut groves and the aquatic life. Kumarakom has tropical climate. Sunset at Kumarakom is fascinating. Tourists can enjoy water sports such as windsailing and water skiing also. Kumarakom is at its best on the eve of traditional Oman festival in the month of August. Rice and fish are the most important part of the Kumarakom cuisine. Tourists can taste Chinese, Continental, North Indian and American cuisine also.

The temperature ranges from 16 degree Celsius to 38 degree Celsius. You can enjoy cool fresh breeze throughout the year. The best time to visit Kumarakom is from November to March.

Kumarakom Highlights

Snake boat race at the Oman festival: Oman festival falls in August and continues till September. It is the high time when locals from entire Kerala participate in the special boat race events. Boats hold a series of rowers who push themselves to the ultimate limits to be victorious against competitors that are enjoyed by the enthusiastic spectators.

Lazy days at picturesque coastline beach: The beach is an ideal destination to relax at peace and tranquillity with a good book or just lie back to admire the environs.

Bird watching: Kumarakom is a heaven for ornithologists and nature enthusiasts. You will have an opportunity to see spectacular species such as kingfishers, golden-backed woodpeckers, night herons and migratory birds as snakebirds, crow pheasants, Siberian cranes and white-branded water hens.

Sunset or sunrise cruise at Kettuvallam: Kettuvallams are traditional big wonderfully handcrafted boats or cargo vessels, used for transporting rice and other foodstuffs. Some of them operate on cargo routes whereas modern vessels are used for cruises equipped with basic amenities. Enjoy your day on Kettuvallam to see spectacular sunrise or sunset, local villages, fishermen apart from matchless flora and fauna.

Kumarakom Tourist attractions

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: The major tourist attraction in Kumarakom is the world famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. It is situated on the Verbena Lake at a distance of 12 Kames from Kottayam. This sanctuary is a heaven for ornithologists who can see migratory bird during winters like Siberian cranes and local birds like the waterfowl, cuckoo, owl, egret, heron and water duck etc. This sanctuary is spread over an area of 101 acres. The ideal time to visit the sanctuary is from June to August. If you want to see migratory birds then November to February is the best time to visit.

Kumarakom Backwaters: Kumarakom, the peninsula situated on the banks of the Verbena Lake, is a heaven on earth with coconut groves, paddy fields, and backwaters. Kumarakom is well equipped with varieties of flora and fauna.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls: Aruvikkuzi Waterfalls is located about 18 km from Kottayam town. This is a beautiful picnic spot where streams tinkle as they make their way through the landscape and waters roar as they gush down the mountains from a height of 100 feet.

Ermelo: It is an important pilgrimage for the Hindus and Muslims. There is an ancient temple known, as Shree Dharmasastha Temple is devoted to Lord Ayyappa Swami.

Elaveezha Poonchira: It is a picnic spot accessible from Pala and situated amidst beautiful hills.

Pathiramanal: It is known as sands of midnight also. It is a fascinating island on the lake that is accessible by boat. This 10-acre island on the backwaters is home to many rare varieties of migratory birds. According to mythology, a young Brahmin dived into the Verbena Lake to perform his evening ablutions and the water made way for the land to rise from below. This island is an ideal place for a break while on a backwater cruise.

Shiva Temple, Thalikkotta: It is the place of worship of the erstwhile Thekkumkoor Royal family that is situated approximately 12 kames from Kumarakom.

Thazhathangadi Valiapalli: This church is dedicated to St. Mary was built in 1550 by the king of Thekkumkoor. Valiyapally is the older of the two churches and largest among Kottayam churches. This church has excellent architecture consists of Indian and Portuguese style. The walls are adorned with beautiful murals made in oriental and western styles on biblical and non-biblical themes. It is situated 12 Kames from Kumarakom.

St Mary’s Church, Cheriapalli: There are two churches in Kottayam dedicated to St Mary; this one was built in 1579 by the Portuguese with the assistance of Hindu king. It is also situated 12 Kames from Kottayam. This church has outstanding architecture, a blend of Indian and Portuguese styles with beautiful murals made in oriental and western styles.

Jamal Mashed Thazhathangadi: This ancient mosque on the banks of the Meenachil River. It is believed to be one of the oldest mosques in India approximately 1000 yrs old. It is also situated at a distance of 12 kames from Kumarakom.

Thirunakkara Mahadevar Temple: This 16th-century temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is a 500 years old temple built by the king of Thekkumkoor. This temple built in the typical Kerala style architecture with colorful murals on its walls. The Koothambalam, a special building in the temple complex is utilized for cultural purpose and it is one of the best in Kerala.

Viacom Mahadever Temple: It is situated 8 kames from Kumarakom. It is associated with the legendary Parasurama; this temple is a typical example of the Kerala style of temple architecture. It is also known as the Kasha of South; this temple is famous for its elephant pageant and traditional art performances.

Ayemenem village: Arundhati Roy, the world renowned author wrote the award-winning novel titled “The God of Small Things” is set in Ayemenem village, adjacent to Kumarakom. A building referred as the ‘History House’ in the novel is the focal point of the story and contrary to its state of ruins. It has been restored by the Tajo Group of Hotels and is a popular tourist center at present. The Ayemenem House, in which Arundhati Roy spent some years of her childhood, is open to the visitors now.


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