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The Internet has become a parallel world where people come up with ideas that would sell really fast as opposed to them being introduced to the physical market domain. There are some products or ideas that would be mocked or hooted if they were to be available at the stores nearby. Not every internet user seeks information or knowledge when they’re surfing the internet. Sometimes, all they care about is a good laugh.

In this viral frenzy meme culture, people often come up with bizarre ideas that are so weird that they tend to become a laughing stock globally, whatever the intention may be. Ironically, the most mindless or random stuff have their share of buyers. Even the online market giants like Amazon, Alibaba etc. have acknowledged these products and added them as a part of their inventory.

Here is the list of Top 6 Bizarre yet Genius Stuff that one could buy online:-

  1. I am Rich App

In the year 2008, a developer launched an IOS App called ‘I AM RICH’ which somehow did not really have any function or use whatsoever. When introduced the screen simply had a red gem and an icon which when pressed would display the general information about the application. The craziest thing was that the app was priced at a whopping $1000 and did absolutely nothing. It became a status symbol for the rich and stupid to announce on a larger platform that their brain cells have been dead for a long time.

  • Poop

Hiding toys in your friend’s home is a lost art, so you can hide poop instead. It follows the same concept as “Ship your enemies Glitter” but you know the package did not have glitter. Although the customers are not told as to which animal the poops belong to, they released a statement saying their “Mad scientists” visited the dairy farms and zoos twice a week, which is the need of the hour, since they are into bulk orders as well.

  • Toys

As much as this topic is discussed behind closed doors this has been a rather favorite topic for people, who never fail to amaze us with their creativity. Sex toys are a rage in a lot of countries around the world and are extensively used to spice up a marriage or simply to relieve stress and loneliness. All over the internet from increasing the size, dimensions, and usability to inflatable sex doll, the internet has got it all covered.

  • Glow in the dark toilet paper

 If you have had a hard time feeling your way in the darkness towards the bathroom in late nights, you are at the right place, my friend. These are selling on Amazon at $10 a piece, including shipping.

  • Desk station Treadmill

Are you tired of increasing belly fat and improper posture just became you have a 9-5 desk job? Fret not, Desk station treadmill has got you covered with a treadmill attached to your standard wooden table, you can now shed some fat and earn fat stashes of cash at the same time.

  • Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Not everybody is a cat lover but apparently, those who absolutely worship their cat will always do whatever it takes to make the kitty happy. They will go to the extent, which will leave very little to the imagination. People can buy the cat butt tissue holder which provides them with the opportunity to whip a tissue out of a cats butt. Don’t be astounded to see these kinds of products lined up weirdly close to the sex toys section.


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