India Railways is massive in its expanse. The railway is an affordable mode of transportation over long and short distances. Millions of people use railways to get to their destination. There are no extra points for guessing that Indian Railways generate high revenue each year. A large sector like the Indian Railways requires significantly high workforce as well. The RRB or the Railway Recruitment Board offers a considerable number of vacancies. All interested candidates need to apply for these exams, and those who are selected will be offered permanent posts under the Indian Railways.

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Written and physical rounds matter most

Passing the written exam is not the only hurdle that one has to cross. RRB ALP exams have physical fitness as well as interview rounds. Many people fail to impress the selection panel during face to face interview session. The selection officers may ask any question related to the job or otherwise to test your aptitude and smartness. Any candidate who desires to work as a loco pilot must possess the presence of mind. When you are on actual filed, you may face situations where decisions must be made within a matter of seconds. Only an agile and intelligent person can accomplish these. In case the selection committee feels you lack that smartness, they will not deem you fit for the job. No matter how high your scores were in written and physical exam rounds, you will not get the job.

You must have connections

Another myth that is rather common in not only the railways but in all government sectors is you need to have some link in the department. Some think that it is not possible to bag a job in the railway sector if you do not have any recommendation. Myths like these prevail due to the practices of some corrupt officers. It is not entirely untrue. If you have a connecting in high posts, you may get an added advantage in the interview rounds. But you must clear the written and physical rounds on your merit. If a candidate fails to score necessary marks in the RRB ALP exam, then no high connection or recommendation will come to his rescue. The Railway Vigilance team is always on the lookout for malpractices in the recruitment process. In case they catch any foul play, the candidate will be barred from service, even after many years of being recruited.

A lot depends on eyesight examination

Some candidates have a misconception that people with spectacles cannot make the cut in the RRB ALP physical examination rounds. Many loco pilots have eyeglasses. During the physical examination, several other health aspects are checked, along with potency of eyesight. If any candidate has 6/6 vision, then he will be selected. Spectacles will not ruin your chances of bagging a job, as long as you are physically capable of meeting the requirements of the profession. Now a day, it is rather hard to spot a person without spectacles. Most people opt for contact lenses as these are more effective than regular eyeglasses. So, it is time to stop worrying about unnecessary and trivial issues and concentrate on exam preparation.

More studying means better success chances

Government competitive or CAT candidates have a myth that studying day and night will enhance their scope for success. It is not true. If you have a proper understanding of the subject, and the aptitude, then you need not toil for so many hours. Hard work is vital for success. But it does not mean that one has to study for 18 hours a day. If a candidate continues on this path, without focusing on his/her health, then it will not go too far. He/she will soon fall sick, and will not be able to concentrate on studies for long. No wants to face this setback, especially when the actual exam is only a few weeks away. Experts and competitive toppers suggest that smart work yields a better result than hard work. Strategically planning your study schedule will offer enough time for mental as well as physical relaxation. If one is not stressing his/her brain too much, its retention power will also improve. Your mind will process information better than usual. It means one will be able to understand the topic quickly. When this happens, there is no need to stay locked up in your room, within a heap of books.

Relevant trade is easy to master

Another RRB ALP examination myth is associated with the relevant trade topic. This topic is only seen in this exam, and thus, students have mixed emotions about it. Some think that it is straightforward to master, and so they take it up at last. While others have a notion that it is too complicated, and take unnecessary tension. As relevant trade is not common in other exams, candidates may not have adequate information about it. But an entire part is dedicated to this. Locomotive pilot exam candidates have to answer around 75 questions on relevant trade. Through knowledge about this subject may give you the edge over the others. Several books are available in the market, which will clarify your doubts. All you need is to focus on the subject and continue your preparation.

No matter which government exam you are preparing for, you will only succeed in cracking it if you put in hard work. In case any candidate fails to realize the seriousness of the matter or thinks that Railway Recruitment Exams can be cracked with ease, then he/she is wasting precious time. Career and future planning go hand in hand. Only focused applicants will attain success at the end of the road. It is time to shun the myths and concentrate on your studies.

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