A blog is a type of website that is very casual. You can use it as a personal online diary where you share your personal accomplishments. You can also use it to educate others, or just simply share your experience. If you have a business, then you can also use it to keep your customers informed about new products or of upcoming sales.
Most blogs are maintained by one individual; however, you can get multiple bloggers to help you keep your blog updated. You can blog on just about any topic that you like, and you can do this for personal reasons and make money in the process.
Types of Blogs
There are several different types of blogs; you can use one method of blogging, or you can use all methods and be successful either way.
The most popular form of blogging is contextual. This is where text is used to get the message across. These entries can range from 100 to 500 words or more.
Another type of blog is where video is used. These are known as vlogs or vid-blogs. These are highly effective, as everyone loves to just sit back and watch and listen to videos, rather than reading.
Photo-blogging is also popular. This is where pictures are used with short headings and short descriptions.
Micro-blogging consists of rather short entries such as a sentence or two. These are great for linking out to other websites, teasers, or just to keep your readers informed of what is going on.
Pod-casting is another form of blogging. These can be in video or audio, and they are usually done in sequences. These are great, because the media is in down-loadable form, which you can take with you anywhere you go.
The Cost of a Blog
They are usually free to the user. The only time you would end up paying is if you want or need additional features that are not available for free, and if you want your own domain name and hosting. However, these are not necessary if you are only using your it for personal reasons.
On the other hand if you are looking to make money, or establish your online credibility, then you will want to at least get your own domain name.
If you are not comfortable with having your own blog, then you can make it private, until you are more comfortable, and then decide to make it public.

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