No trip to Argentina can be complete without a visit to the grandiose Iguazu Falls. Largest falls in South America and twice as deep as the famous Niagara Falls, the Iguazu Falls are a majestic sight. The falls comprise 275 waterfalls stretching over 2.7 kilometers. The main attraction is the roaring and thrilling Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). Visitors can walk on the trails right above this 75-meter deep gorge and observe the rushing water crashing under them.

Visit the Iguazu Falls

There are two ways to see the falls: from the Argentina side and from the Brazil side. Both countries share this natural wonder, as well as Paraguay further up river. While on the Argentine side, you can experience the waterfalls from up close, and the Brazilian side provides for unmatched panoramic view of the entire system. To get the full Iguazu experience, it is highly recommended to stay at least 2 days and visit both sides. On each side, the falls arelocated in a national park, filled with lush jungle and exotic animal species to admire.

The entrance fee to the Argentina Iguazu National Park costs about US$10. It is recommended to take an entire day to visit the Argentina side as there are many fascinating attractions and countless walking trails to explore within the park. The park lies about 20 kilometers away from Puerto Iguazu, the nearest town. It is a charming town with great accommodation and dining options, and a great base for your Iguazu Falls explorations. Frequent buses run daily from 7am to 7:30pm and can be caught either at the Hito Tres Fronteras junction or at the bus terminal (about 45 minutes to the park).
There are daily buses running between the Argentine and Brazilian sides. All buses stop at immigration at the border which is fairly straightforward. If you are only visiting on a one-day trip, no formalities are required. However, Brazil requires citizens of the US, Canada and Australia to hold a visa. Make sure you take care of this at the Brazilian embassy in your home country before your trip.

The entrance fee to the Brazilian park is about US$6.50 and a visit takes 2 hours. The park lies about 17 kilometers from the city Foz de Igua?�u with regular buses running all day. Although it is possible to stay in Foz de Igua?�u, Puerto Iguazu on the Argentina side is much nicer and laid-back.

Officially there is no rainy season so the Iguazu Falls can be visited year round. Be aware that it tends to rain more in March and June, with occasional heavy downfalls in the summer months (December to March). Weather is generally warmer in summer months although the heat can make it hard to walk around all day.


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