WhatsApp Business App for iPhone Now Rolling Out Globally, Starting With India and 6 Other Markets

WhatsApp Business app is Now available for iPhone users in India.

The app, which began popping up on App Store in select markets last month, is now officially available in a total of seven countries, namely India, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, the united kingdom, and the United States. The Android version of app has been available from the Google Play Store for over a year now. WhatsApp Business app is targeted at small businesses looking for a fast and effective way to contact their clients.

According to the company, the WhatsApp Business for iOS can now be downloaded at no cost from App Store and will start rolling out in other markets within the coming weeks. WhatsApp Business for iPhone first began rolling out in March this year, also has been seen in nations like Mexico and Brazil.

To recall, WhatsApp Business app was originally established to get Android in January 2018. The app allows the businesses to create a business profiles with information like email, store address, and website. It also includes various messaging programs to make it easier for the companies to contact their customers. Some of these tools are fast answers, greeting messages, and messages away. Additionally, the likes of regular WhatsApp Messenger, the company program also works with WhatsApp for Web version. Further the Web version also supports all of the messaging programs.

In only over one year of its availability, WhatsApp Business has gained adequate amount of traction among the companies. According to the company, more than 5 million businesses around the world are currently using the service to achieve their clients.


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