I’ve been asked on several occasions why I still write a blog when I have a website that is making money. You may wonder if blogging is really that important yourself. Maybe your site is already getting traffic and things are starting to pick up and you can’t see why a blog would be of any importance to your business.
There are many reasons to blog, but not all of them apply to an already established website. For those that are just starting out, a blog is a great way to get yourself noticed and get people interacting with you on a daily basis. It is also the perfect place to give any updated news about your business.
That goes for either a new website owner or one that is established. Having a blog will help you to easier stay in contact with your already established customers and build a business relationship with them as well as any new people that may be interested in what you have to offer.
Blogs are a great way to get more incoming links and get your site pushed higher in the search engines. Another thing you can do with blogs is send your RSS feed to the feed aggregators to get even more incoming links and exposure.
The real reason to have a website online is to get exposure for your business and there is nothing better to do that with than a blog. The search engines love blogs because generally it is updated more often than websites and they thrive on fresh content.
In the end you will have to decide for yourself whether a blog would do you good, but in my opinion you’ll not do any harm in giving it a try in fact I would be surprised if you didn’t see a dramatic increase in sales and traffic to your website because of it.

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