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Hi, I am Sambit. I am a tech blogger and I love photography. You know photography is the main cause to buy a camera. But in modern days technology goes up and running fast and faster. Professional or nonprofessional photographers try to capture a unique meaning photo by their camera. So, you have to be fast and do more practice with your camera.

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Super Fast Photo Shoot

In these days people are looking for a new camera which is best for his/her photography experience. The need a fast and stabilize situation during photo shoot. So, a Bulky DLSR can’t do this every time.

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High Body Weight Camera

There are lots of DLSR in the market is bulkier but also some DSLRs are lightweight minimum 453Grams. Next upcoming DSLR is Canon SL3 will be the most lightweight camera around 449Grams. These are bodyweight only.

Now come to the point:

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Can not Hold In Hand

How much time we can hold a DLSR to take a best and unique stable picture and how much money we can spend for new stabilize lens for DLSR?

Think about it.

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How Small With Same Features Of DSLR

A mirrorless camera can solve or answer you’re all question with all of your needs.

So, what is a Mirrorless Camera?

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DSLR VS Mirrorless Camera

As there is a name of this camera is mirrorless, it has no mirror and pentalenes inside the main body like DSLR which runs electronically like Electronic View Finder. It can capture at the same speed with the same or higher processor than DSLR.

Not only that, mirrorless camera can capture more stabilize photographs and you can hold it more stabled during photo shoot. Build quality is not good like a DLSR. Mirrorless camera is light weight (250Grams) and smaller than DSLR.

Hope now you have clear all doubt about a mirrorless camera. Go and buy your mirrorless camera or buy its lens at cheaper than DSLR with the same features.

Personally: I love 5 things about mirrorless camera.

  • Inbuilt Stabilizer: Mirrorless camera has an inbuilt stabilizer. So, no need to buy stabilize activated lens at a higher price and get the best photographs.
  • No Mirror: As I mentioned before it has no mirror. So, it does not produce shutter sound like a DSLR and helps to capture silent photographs.
  • Price: Price of a mirrorless camera is really cheaper than a DSLR. Because it does not require a high built quality, lens, protection like a DSLR.
  • Light Weight: Mirrorless camera lighter than DSLR cameras. Get better experience to long expose shoots in hand-holding mode.
  • Small Size: The size of a mirrorless camera is smaller than DSLR. As there is no mirror so no extra space requires like no pentalenes are using in it, so the size becomes much smaller than a DSLR. It helps to carry anywhere at any time.
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Size And Weight Matters

I Know, you also love these things like me unless you own a mirrorless camera.

Another thing is its battery is not an issue, cause some of new DSLR like Canon 200D, it has too short mAh power. So, you have to carry more and single battery with you. It depends on your requirements. Because your 1st choice should be the photographs, not the battery.


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