A Natural Disaster

A Natural Disaster

With violent crime on the rise, safety education for college students is more important than ever. Students can be a vulnerable target; often, trusting someone they don’t know well, giving in to peer pressure, or just going out to have fun, can lead to a dangerous situation. You can protect yourself from danger, with some pre-planning and good judgment.

7 simple safety steps to remember:

  1. Always be alert, and aware of your surroundings. (trust your instincts)
  2. Whenever possible, practice the “buddy system”. There is safety in numbers. Be a good “buddy”, watch out for your friends. “buddies” don’t let friends make poor decisions. (this includes: leaving alone, walking home or leaving with someone they do not know)
  3. Make sure someone (other than your “buddies”) knows where you are going, and when you expect to return.
  4. Lock your doors – car doors and room doors. Do not give your keys to your friends. When going to and from your room or vehicle, have your keys securely in your hand.
  5. Park as close as possible to your destination, and in a well lit space. Avoid parking in spaces locked-in by a wall or by large vehicles that can block your view of the area. Make an exact note of your parking space, to ensure you get to your car quickly and won’t have to wander around to look for it.
  6. Get your own drinks (with or without alcohol). There will be no question what you are drinking. Also, keep an eye on your drink, so something is not “slipped” in it. Keep in mind, alcohol is the original date-rape drug.
  7. There are several personal items that can double as self defence tools; such as your car key, or a non-folding umbrella with a pointed end. You can also purchase self-defence items like personal alarms, pepper spray, and stun guns; these pocket sized items are easy to carry at all times. Having any of these items readily available, can give you an advantage if danger does strike, and help you to get away.

Make self-defence a conscious concern. Don’t let your guard down. Keep these ideas fresh in your mind, most importantly, always be aware and alert to your surroundings, it’s the main key to staying safe.


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