Do you have a WordPress SEO strategy to boost your blog rankings on the search engines?
Do you know that for the search engines to rank your blog high they need to understand what your blog content is all about and that they cannot know this unless you intelligently assist them to do so?
If your answer is no to any of these questions but still wants to optimize your WordPress blog then I encourage you to read every word on this article because you’re about to discover a simple strategy that will help you optimize your WordPress blog to rank high on the search engines.
No doubt about it. The search engines love blogs but unfortunately, WordPress sucks SEO-wise when used with the default settings. The good news however is, with a little help you can garner some more love for your WordPress blog!
The Essentials of a WordPress SEO Strategy That Work!
The first thing you need to know when it comes to strategizing for your blog’s SEO is the fact that there are some essential elements you need to concentrate on. These essential elements are basically your blog’s title, the description meta tag, the content, keyword density and links.
These are what the search spiders focus on when they crawl your blog. The information from these elements are used by the search engines to index your blog and whenever someone searches for any information, they simply respond by referencing this indexed information.
The search engines do not “cook up” their own content but only check the keyword phrases used by the searcher against the information indexed and then returns the pages that best suit those keyword phrases. This is why it’s important that you focus on these elements whatever the niche you’re targeting with your blog.
The good news is that though WordPress sucks when used “as is”, there are 101 plugins out there that will help you correct this “defect”. Once implemented your blog will be able to deliver its content to the search engines in a way that will make it much easier for them to read, understand, digest and then rank it high on the search engine SERPs!
The 3 Areas to Focus On
As seen from above, your optimization strategy should be directed at 3 major areas. These are:
1. Operation Related WordPress SEO Strategy
2. On-Page WordPress SEO Strategy, and
3. Link building WordPress SEO Strategy
For each of these areas there are various options of plugins you can use. What you need is a clear understanding of how to use them. For example, about operation related WordPress SEO strategy you simply need to optimize your blog to reduce its load time because Google considers a slow loading blog as poor in terms of site usability.
Unfortunately, most of the content on your blog are a culprit as far as this problem is concerned. For example, if your blog has been online for some time chances are that it has acquired a huge load of pages, images, flash, videos and javascripts. As much as these have their good uses they nevertheless have negative effects on your blog’s load time. But there are a few things you can do to correct this. This include but not limited to using cache to retrieve information and optimizing your blog’s database.
Once these blog optimization strategies are put in place your blog will be enhanced to load faster and gain some more points with the search engines thereby helping it to rank high in the search engine SERPs.
But for all of these to work effectively you definitely need a WordPress SEO strategy in place. It doesn’t matter your level of expertise in using WordPress, with the right plugins you can put together a powerful strategy that will help you optimize your blog for the search engines.

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