Many writers use blogs to promote their work, this means less actual blogging and a lot of linking. However there is a wrong and a right way to write blog posts for a promotional blog. You don’t want to include nothing more than a link to an article with a title, you have to make the reader want to see what else you have to say about the subject. Take a few more minutes to make each post more complete.

Write a title that is different from the article you are linking to. If the article is “How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs” make sure that your blog post title includes the main idea but also gives a little more depth to it; for example: “The easiest way to plant daffodil bulbs!”
Sticking with the example above begin your post with a personal anecdote about how you ended up searching for an easy way to plant the bulbs. At the end of the personal note post the first paragraph of the article and make a read more link to direct readers to your article.
To include other articles you or someone else may have written on the subject you can also close the post with a note that if your readers are looking for more information about planting and caring for daffodils they can visit the following sites, and then include 3 to 4 links which will give them quality information.
The quality of the articles and information you link from your blog are very important because they help establish your expertise and knowledge, which will bring readers back to your blog time and time again when they need to know something about the topics you blog about.
If you are a writer who covers many different subjects you may want to consider creating several niche blogs if you use your blog for mostly promotion. Keep a tight focus on each topic and you’ll become known as a source of information for that topic.
So while a promotional blog is good for getting page views on your other work and takes less actual writing than a full blog post it does still require more effort than just sticking a link on your blog and calling it a post. Blogs are supposed to be more personal and relatable than articles on websites, this means that a writer who is used to having to write within the rules may enjoy being able to let their personality come through in a blog post, even if it is to promote other work.


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