Soon after the initiation of the Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone, the Chinese manufacturer has now started teasing the launch of yet another product in India. The teaser hints that it won’t be a smartphone, however a fitness merchandise, and may be started in partnership with HRX from Hrithik Roshan in the country.

Xiaomi India has rolled out a video teaser on its social programs which shows men and women running, doing crunches and skipping – all exercises linked to fitness. The video then shows the tagline ‘hop, run, flex’ highlighting the ‘ letters ‘HRX’ in blue. This hints at a fitness product launching in India shortly, with a partnership most likely with HRX by Hrithik Roshan.

Furthermore, Xiaomi India VP and Managing Director additionally published a tweet confirming that “something special is going to be launched.” He does not reveal what it may be, but attaches a photo with someone, blurring out another man entirely, in a bid to make hype.

What the item is and when it will start could be anyone’s guess. The Mi Band 3 could be ideal, but considering that it has not been declared in China however, its arrival in India first sounds unlikely. The corporation could launch smart shoes in India – a first if true. Xiaomi had partnered with Li Ning in China in 2015 to first introduce smart sneakers, and then earlier this year, it even launched the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart running shoes also. These were able to detect speed, calories burnt, distance, and more. What do you think will Xiaomi launch in India? Let us know in the comments below.


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