Xiaomi-backed Yi technology has introduced a new product in India called the Yi Dash Camera. The new camera joins the goods such as Yi Action Camera, Yi 4K Action Camera, and the Yi Home Security Camera from the company’s India portfolio. Yi Smart Dash Camera is a tracking system that you could install in your car and it will record as you push around. Yi Technology has priced the Smart Dash Camera in Rs. 5200, which comprises a launch reduction of Rs. 699. It is uncertain for how long the promotional pricing will remain in effect.

The most important intention of the device is to record daily events throughout the windscreen and may come in handy in the event of an crash. It’s a microSD card slot and it stores all of the recorded footage directly onto the card.

The Smart Dash Camera in Yi has ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) which gives real time warning to the driver. This ADAS system also has lane departure warning, which warns the driver when emptied out of the lane. Additionally, it has an accident warning system, which can warn the driver of an impending effect in the event the automobile ahead melts.

Additionally, the Yi Smart Dash Camera sports a 2.7-inch 16:9 1080p display, which can also be used to watch the listed content. There’s Wi-Fi service onboard as well, allowing users to stream live audio in the dash camera.

The Yi Smart Dash Camera comes with a G-Sensor which permits the camera to automatically capture and save clips within a crisis situation. The product is available for sale through Amazon India in Space Grey colour and is rather simple to install.


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